Features of TikTok Social Network

The developers of the social network TikTok take care about the wide range of features allowing users create bright and creative videos. It is a great chance to get a lot of fans, and a good opportunity to earn money after monetizing your account in future.


  • How to edit TikTok videos?
  • How can interesting videos help in getting followers?
  • Live streaming as a way of attracting attention
  • Conclusion

How to edit TikTok videos?

To create an eye-catching video, we recommend using all the available editing tools. A list of the most popular ones is presented below:

  • Use different video playback speed. In the settings of your video you can speed up or slow down the playback. This way you get a more interesting movie. Both the long hair in slow motion and a speeded up funny dance look amazing.
  • Using memes. Such ideas for clips appear in the recommendations most often. The effects of masks are added to the videos. Eating yogurt Tik Tok meme is very popular now.
  • Add pictures and emojis. The video with the added Emoji looks interesting.

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How can interesting videos help in getting followers?

To lure a large number of fans to your account, you have to offer them high-quality content. This is a great way to gather a target audience to demonstrate your extraordinary creativity.
If you do not know how to get followers on Tik Tok fast, use the specialized services. These are services for cheating followers in the social network.
This method has several advantages:

  • quick result of getting the desired number of fans in the account
  • affordable price
  • fast order delivery
  • quick payoff
  • high quality service guarantee

ALL-SMM is one of such reliable services. Extensive experience in the area of ​​cheating followers will help you stand out from the crowd of other users and become a popular TikToker. Besides, you will be able to monetize your account for regular earnings.

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Live streaming as a way of attracting attention

Many fans are active in the comments. They ask for personal meetings, answer questions and more. In order not to respond to every thousand comments under your videos, you can arrange a live meeting with your followers with the live stream function.
If you are seriously thinking about how to go live on Tik Tok 2019, download an additional app “TikTok Live” to your phone. Here there is an opportunity of live streaming available by analogy to the popular Instagram.


Combining earnings with your hobby is real in the social network TikTok. Here you will get a chance to gain your audience, who will love you for the offered content. Using all the functions of the app and contacting the cheat services, you will gain fans quickly. Use live streams for the additional communication with your followers.